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Wow! This is exciting my first blog post.

First, an introduction: My name is Lyndal and I am a stay at home mum to a gorgeous little boy (Master J) and a wife to a wonderful husband. I knew that when I had my son that I did not want to return to work for several years but, I also did not want him to miss out on things because my decision meant that we couldn’t afford it. I had to find a way to work from home and it had to be something I could fit around my mum/wife and home duties. What to do, what to do?

I happened to mention in passing my dilemma to a wonderful friend who also happens to be a fantastic business coach (which I didn’t know at the time) and she suggested we catch up the following week and brainstorm some ideas together to work out a plan.  The following week in our discussion I mentioned that I have always wanted to write books. That started a discussion on reading and how I love to read and that I wanted Master J to grow up loving reading too. As we continued to talk we started discussing other things we wanted for our children and we turned to the topic of the life values we wanted our children to have and how to teach them these values and then, the light bulb moment happened. Why not write some children’s books, why not use these books to begin introducing the concepts of positive life values to children while at the same time encouraging a love a books and developing literacy and language skills through reading? WOW! I was so excited, the ideas flew thick and fast from that moment on and now fast forward several months and here I am with the first book in my “I am” series written, illustrated and ready for pre-order and the next 4 on the way and my very own business called

My Growing Values. My Growing Values – Nurturing positive values in children.

I think it would be hard to find a parent who didn’t want their child/children to grow up with positive life values, good character and the literacy and language skills they need throughout life. The big question is how do we nurture these attributes in our children? There is lots of research out there that tells us how to do this (a quick ‘Google search’ will show you this) and there is no one way to do it but let me give you a brief summary of the main points I have found.

The research tell us that:

  • Moulding a child’s character and teaching them how to live a value-filled life is best begun at a young age when they readily imitate those around them and easily absorb what they see and hear
  • Children learn values that make up good character by observing those around them and we can reinforce these positive values by engaging them in an activity that captures their interest like reading
  • The development of literacy and language skills in children is facilitated by reading to them daily
  • Developing and nurturing a strong relationship with your child when they’re young is important – it helps them feel safe and secure
  • Reading is a great way to spend time with your child and foster a strong relationship with each other
  • Talking positively and using positive statements/affirmations to describe your child builds their self-esteem and as they grow their internal dialogue (self-talk) will be positive and this will be reflected in their behaviour..

The My Growing Values “I am” book series allows you to achieve all the above and more. The “I am” books have one big point of difference to most of what is out there already, they are not a learning through consequence story (story with a moral) like most books in this genre eg: “The boy who cried wolf” learning that it is best to be honest ‘the hard way’. The “I am” books have positively phrased statements that affirm the child is already performing the behaviour that is desired. By framing the statements in a positive manner your child sees and hears themselves doing the behaviour that is described and as such is more likely to enact the behaviours in real life. The simple statements introducing positive life values and the beautiful illustrations means that your child will enjoy having these books read to them for many years to come.

The “I am” book series is just the beginning. I have lots of plans for My Growing Values so follow me on Facebook to stay updated on what’s new and head on over to my website to purchase my books and sign up to my emailing list for great weekly tips and ideas on literacy and nurturing positive values in your child.

Until next time , Live, Laugh, Love and Read


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